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  1. What Does Dailyneeds.Co.In Do?

    Dailyneeds is a complete online store to buy the products.

  2. What Methods Of Payment Are Allowed?

    we accept Credit/Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery, Paytm, Sodexo, UPI etc.

  3. What Cities And Locations Do You Operate In?

    Dailyneeds currently operates from its branches located in 45 Feet Road, KathirKamam, Moolakulam

  4. Do You Deliver To My Location?

    We deliver in select localities across Pondicherry. You can edit your location settings to check if we deliver in your area.

  5. Can I Have Multiple Accounts With Same Mobile Number And Email Id?

    Each email address and phone number can be associated with one online store account only. Yet Customer info and offers given only for eCommerce it cannot be obtained in Mortar store