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How do I make a payment for Online Store purchase?

Currently there is only one option for payment that is Cash on delivery. We are currently working on the other payments options.

Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase on Online Store (Octroi, Sales, VAT Tax)?

There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase with Online Store. We offer free delivery if the order is Rs. 300 or over, otherwise you will be charged an additional Rs. 50 for delivery. The prices listed for all items are final and all-inclusive. The prices you see on our product pages are exactly what you pay for the item.

What is Cash on Delivery?

Cash-on-Delivery (C-O-D) is an alternate method of purchasing from us, other than Online (By Credit/Debit card and Netbanking). In the C-O-D payment terms or C-O-D service, you pay at the time of the actual delivery, rather than paying in advance.

Are there any hidden terms and conditions for a C-O-D purchase?

The maximum order value for a C-O-D payment is Rs. 20,000. It's strictly a cash-only payment method; Please note, we do not accept foreign currency as payment against a COD order.

Placing a Cash-on-Delivery (C-O-D) Order

  • All items that have the "Cash-on-Delivery Available" Icon are valid for order by Cash-on-Delivery. Add the item(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • When prompted to choose a Payment Option, select "Pay By Cash-on-Delivery"
  • Once verified and confirmed and be processed for shipment in the time specified, from the date of confirmation.
  • You will be required to make a Cash payment to our Courier Partner, only at the time of delivery of your order.

Terms & Conditions

  • The maximum order value for C-O-D is Rs. 20,000
  • Please make ONLY CASH PAYMENT at the time of delivery.